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Age: 0-9 months     Sizes: 70 cm (+/ 2 cm )

Sleeping bag, which provides maximum comfort and safety for your baby from the first days of life. It is very important that the baby is not too cold or too hot, which is why the sleeping bag is made of 100% top quality cotton and filled with silicone, airy fleece. The top of the sleeping bag is fastened with high-quality plastic snaps, which can be easily unsnapped and snapped again at night. At the bottom of the sleeping bag there is a zipper, which can be zipped or unzipped if necessary.

A product hand-stitched with the highest precision and with the use of the best quality materials. Packed in a canvas bag and decorated with a heart-shaped charm. It is a stylish and unique gift for a little one.

The product should be used under parental supervision.

Tones of print on fabrics or colours of raw materils of components of products may vary depending on production batches. It is not a produkction defect.